Italian craftmanship, maximum attention to detail, high flexibility of productive integration, innovative technologies, continue research and development on fabrics and scouting all over the world. We are partnership with the best fabric companies of the world, high quality and punctuality standard. All these caracteristics make Paolo Nesi SRL company unique in , ensuring prestigious collaborations with private and professional clients and contacts through out the world.



Very wide range of products which perfectly survive in time and in the world of fashion.
We collaborate with many of the most important architectural and international design firms, designing tastefully styled rooms perfect to suit every needs and desire.
Every single passage, is carried out with the utmost care and precision, from taking measurements , to chosing the materials, the fabrics or leather-type untill the process is complete, both in Italy and abroad.
Paolo Nesi Srl, respecting the true nature of every item, can, strengthen the framework, replace padding and give you a wide range of coatings to choose from.


Paolo Nesi Srl is highly specialized in the marketing of pergolas, awnings, canvas and various fabrics to protect us from the sun. Moreover our company produces, everything you need for being outdoors.
We offer outdoor forniture: sofas, armchairs, chaise longues, poufs and many other solutions and ideas to help personalize your garden.
We are on the market with many important brands, which give us a lot of different kinds of products, even if extremely customisable.
We also can design and build anything you would like on request!


Paolo Nesi Srl is responsible for design and realization of interiors of yacht and boats of all types.
We offer you a free inspection directly on the spot and then, thanks to our architectual support, we can give you innovative ideas and projects.
We also make tasteful use of outdoor forniture and outdoor fabrics to refurnish your nautical jewel in the best way possible.
From baroque style to a more modern fashionable style, your yacht could become your “ house of dreams” in the open sea.


Paolo Nesi Srl characterizes a large part of the his production also in the Camper sector.
We work for the most important brands of the area like Rimor & IIC, etc carriyng out complete interior funishings for all styles at both luxury and economic levels.
Together with designers and architects of various brands we choose the more innovative fabrics and colours to give a new look to the camper that you see on the street all over the world.


We transform any density of foam rubber even if closed cell; our work is carried out by numerical control pantographs and state-of-the-art cutters over automatic bagging machines, punchings punchers and machines for manufacturing mattresses.